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Foreword | pg xv

Spirituality is that part of us that is most loving, vital, wise, powerful, and tender. It is our connection with the Divine.

Spirituality is a very individual matter and yet the path to God is available to all humans. Our real work is the spiritual work. It is up to you to pursue your spirituality in the way and the intensity of your choosing. What is important is to know you can make progress. As to what exactly you pursue, you must know what is right and true for you.

Spirituality doesn’t come in a handy course like a frozen dinner that you can toss in your shopping cart, then throw in a microwave and consume. Spirituality is a path, a way of life to follow. There are new principles to follow, attitudes to inculcate, disciplines to practice, profound changes to undergo in your relationship to your mind, the world, others, and God. It is reversing your way of being from being in thrall to the senses and the lower mind to the soul being in control and surrendered in communion to the Supreme Spirit. Ultimately, you’ll find your consciousness entirely transformed…..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This book offers for the first time an accessible distillation of the true teachings of the Saints or Masters who continue to grace our planet. Whatever movement you can make into the light, the time is now ripe for you to achieve your own spiritual revolution…..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ultimately, spirituality can’t be taught, it must be caught. Spirituality is elusive, because it is beyond the mind and transcends the physical senses. But each of us is a soul with spiritual senses that are longing for tuning. And God is more willing for us to be tuned than you can possibly imagine.

This is an invitation to you to discover God’s invitation to you.

2. Ask others for forgiveness | pg 4

If you’re aware of any wrong or hurt you’ve caused another, if your conscience is pricking you over any incident, no matter how small, approach the person as humbly and lovingly as possible, relate your experience simply, and from your heart ask for forgiveness. Believe that this is vitally important.

Exercise: Make a list of all people you’ve possibly wronged and at least once a week ask one for forgiveness. If they won’t forgive you, ask again. And again. If you continue to ask with all sincerity for forgiveness and the person still refuses to forgive you, don’t worry, the Lord will forgive you. If the person is no longer alive, then ask the Lord for forgiveness.

5. Transcend the boundaries of race, religion, and who is right | pg 10

Black and white; fundamentalist and gay activist; immigrants’ rights and taxpayers’ rights. These are all artificial divisions created by the mind. These are coats we have donned for a season. When God sees us, that Being doesn’t see our skin, our church, or who is “right.” The Supreme Power sees our soul. Soul is the essence of life, consciousness; a drop of the Divine Ocean of Love.

6. Treat everyone lovingly | pg 14

We are all struggling souls, struggling toward the light. We are all treading our unique paths down and up byways that seem labyrinthine and quixotic. If you really want to develop your spirituality, in all humbleness dismiss every person’s color, creed, class, condition, and conduct, and be generous as you treat everyone lovingly regardless of what he or she seemingly represents and does to you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hurting another’s feelings is hurtling down a path that takes us away from the Lord. Now we are lost in our personality, our petty wants and rights, our righteous anger, and our individuality. But as we begin to grow in Spirit, we also begin to see the Lord in everyone, and then naturally our love forone another grows. As our spirituality ripens, when love of the Lord comes forth truly from our hearts, then there is no question of hurting another. We only wish to hearten our brothers and sisters.

Exercise: Throughout next week and whenever you can, before you speak and act, particularly when you’re upset, ask yourself: “Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?”

8. Do not look for true happiness and peace in the world-look for it within | pg 19

The mind thinks it knows what will make it happy, yet it is the soul that knows what true peace and happiness is. And that is our plight. The mind and the soul are two different entities knotted together sojourning in the foreign land of the body. When you die, if you’re cremated or buried, your body’s elements pass back into their natural elements: earth, water, air, etc. Your mind and soul stay knotted together until you get another body. Yet, the mind’s natural home and final resting place is with Universal Mind, the Negative Power, a plane of existence that can not be detected physically, but exists on a mental sphere. And the soul’s True Home and final resting place is God. Give It any name—the Lord, the Spirit Supreme, the Supreme Being—the Creative Source has no name and in Its most concentrated aspect is pure unalloyed bliss, peace, omniscience, and eternal existence.

11. Read uplifting literature | pg 28

Rather than fill your mind with the everyday violence and killings in the news, read uplifting literature. Resist the negativity that assails you. Resist the deluge of mass media, the addictive compulsion to have it on. Rather than watch the news or a true crime program, listen to tapes and read books that advance you on your search. This is your time to advance yourself. Don’t waste your most precious commodity by allowing yourself to be an automaton devoted to consuming mass media.

17. Forgive yourself and others | pg 43



If we’re finding it difficult to forgive, it’s because anger is still rankling in our heart. Anger is the extreme opposite of love, and forgiveness is the spiritual virtue that’s the antidote to anger. Forgiveness is the virtue that extinguishes the fire of anger.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

By not constructively releasing anger and turning it into forgiveness, we’re actually hurting ourselves. If kept within ourselves and indulged, anger is destructive. It not only creates bad debts, but acts as a poison, destroying our finer natures and spreading as a vile cancer throughout our system. By releasing anger, we can find more healing energy than by taking any number of drugs and therapies. Therefore, by inculcating compassion for others and forgiving all “their trespasses,” we’re really helping ourselves and we’re moving into True Spirit.

21. Turn feelings of unhappiness into spiritual feelings | pg 59

Remember, no one is completely happy in this world. We pursue happiness by trying to achieve it through money, sex, fame, power, relationships, accomplishments, pastimes, mental gymnastics, fantasies, sports, and entertainments. Yet, it is the nature of this world that it is impossible to attain lasting happiness. Why? First, everything in the world is transitory. The very nature of things is to be temporary. Both an ecstatic sexual experience and a long-lasting, deeply loving marriage are temporary. In their wake is suffering.

Second, the soul and mind are suffering from separation. They’re knotted together, housed in the body. They are not residing in their true homes, their natural realms of existence, the realms of pure mind and pure soul. If you feel lonely constantly or that something indefinable is missing, accept this as a blessing. This lack of contentment and peace is the soul’s yearning, its natural inclination to return to its original home, to merge back in its source. The stronger these feelings, the greater the fire of your spirituality.

22. Believe with all your heart, mind, and soul that God has a place for you, some-where, “over the rainbow,” that is your True Home | pg 61

Have you ever felt: a bittersweet, undefinable loneliness that keeps returning? that you just don’t belong here? that you belong in a place where you’re happy always, where every- one is loving, and where, somehow, the sun always shines? These are not fairy tales. These are the true longings of the soul. The loneliness your soul feels is its increasing longing to return to its Source. Dear one, you have a True Home, a place from which you originally came before you were issued down and got lost in the phenomenal world.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your True Home is an actual place where love reigns supreme. It’s a spiritual region of the purest, most absolute bliss, joy, light, and peace, where you live in immortality. When you reach this final mansion, your true radiance is manifest; your soul has the combined light of many constellations of suns. This is the Fountainhead of Life, an unending country so vast that the rest of the creation appears as a few bubbles forming and bursting in the distance. And in this Country, your Original Home, your Birthright, the only language is of love, the only currency is of love, and the only sustenance is of all-filling, ever-vitalizing spiritual love.

25. Do service | pg 68

Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to perform service. Perform selfless service without thought of reward, spiritual or worldly, and you may attain great heights. Do selfless service, never attempting to quantify its benefit or estimate your merit. Just be grateful that you have been given the opportunity.

Look upon everything as a chance for service. Remember, God is within every creature, however small or seemingly mean-spirited. The greater your spirituality, the more you realize this and the better you will be able to serve the Lord by serving the Lord’s creatures. Serve the Lord’s creatures by killing less, by taking the lowest form of life: plant life. Serve people by smiling, by giving words of loving encouragement, and by performing the first two types of service. Serve yourself by working on your own spirituality. Instead of evaluating your service, just know that the more we serve, the closer we are to God. The greater our spirituality, the more we wish to serve, until ultimately, our lives are only service.

33. Don’t complain, adjust | pg 90

We clamor and whine when things are not according to our desire. This is putting our will over that of the Lord’s. Yet, we have not the faintest inkling of why things are happening the way they are. The fabric of the physical creation is woven with the threads of cause and effect. The universal law is that of action and reaction. Virtually every soul you meet, where the exchange is not casual, is a connection from another life. That person is behaving from a script that was written from previous actions and reactions. In a very real sense the persons who, for instance, caused that five hour flight delay are helpless. They are, in the profoundest sense, just doing their job.

Happiness resides in adjusting to the situation. This does not mean that you shouldn’t endeavor to fight evil, to right wrongs, to improve your own lot and that of others. But when things don’t go according to your wishes, don’t bewail and broadcast your fate and then give up.

35. Experience yourself as a source of love | pg 96

Exercise: Develop a special place inside yourself that you can run to on your own. It can be a palace, a fortress, a mountain of light. In your mind’s eye, create a beautiful place where you are safe and secure, which draws you when you need to be charged. Furnish it, garden it as you choose. In your heart, create a soft, gentle place where you can be soothed and comforted. When you want love, when you need love, when you feel separated, delve into your special place. In yourself, be in that place where you can experience love.

36. Practice the presence of God | pg 98

God is everywhere. It is we who are blind. Yet with a little practice you can feel the presence of God throughout your day, particularly in those quiet moments when you are wont to feeling lonely. Use these precious moments.

God is available at all times to all of us. The grace is always flowing. It is our cups that remain turned upside down. Try repeating a name of God, or use your attention to tune in. With practice, with turning our hearts and attention within, the Lord recognizes our puny efforts by turning our cups right side up. When our cups are right side up, the most mundane task—walking along a dirty city sidewalk; filling a glass of water; squeezing toothpaste on your brush—can be imbued with radiance of the light.

37. Replace egotism with humility …… pg 100

When talking about humility, we may feel embarrassed or silly or superior or simply incapable, but if we are committed to spirituality, we need to embrace whatever will create humility, for humility is synonymous with spirituality.

What is humility? Humility is very difficult to notice. In others, it calls no attention to itself. In ourself, we are unaware of it. Humility, is like the morning dew on a rose. It is sparkling fresh, pure, sweet. Humility is ready to serve, unassuming, and untrumpeting. The most beautiful of virtues, humility is the jewel in the crown of spirituality, the beacon that beams us up to the Lord.

38. Replace guilt with acceptance, love, and approval | pg 104

Would a baby ever walk if after it’s first faltering attempts to stand, it felt guilty?

Guilt and all its sibling emotions—shame, blame, disapproval, disaffection, resentment, and recrimination—are a tragic luxury of the mind that poison the roots of spirituality. What these amount to is the rejection of reality and the indulgence of negativity. We simply cannot expect ourselves to be someone we’re not and somewhere we’re not.

43. Do not dwell on your faults—dwell in your spiritual work | pg 121

When you dwell on your faults, you perform repetition of your faults.

By dwelling on your faults and shortcomings and weaknesses, you are imbibing these and getting further mired in your mind. You are strengthening your downward tendencies.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As you journey forward, you will slip, you will fall, you will come up against each of your faults. At times, it may appear as though your path is not a path but barrier after barrier after barrier. Never mind. Accept your shortcomings. Don’t resist them, for what you resist, persists.

47. Don’t think that because you’ve done any of these simple and radical things things that you are spiritual | pg 131


The way you receive spiritual experiences is not by making them happen yourself, but by being receptive. Just concen- trate on the work. Make the environment of your life salubri- ous. When an experience does come, accept it as grace, digest it, mature with it, let it inspire you to work even harder, find more grace, and keep your attention on the goal, and when you least expect it, you will be given another.

51. Be alone | pg 141

If you feel lonely, terribly lonely, be a warrior and welcome the feelings. Know that this is but the grand strategy and object of the mind to make you yet again lose yourself in the world. Realize that your feelings of loneliness are the longings of the soul to return to its Source. Welcome the sense of separation and emptiness. Accept the loneliness and fight the urge to stuff yourself with sensation. For with the acceptance comes a certain quietness and with the quietness comes something else—so subtle—the feeling that you’re not alone and also—concentrate, don’t miss it—the Presence is around you, in you. Feel the Presence and any restlessness or loneliness is left far behind and in its place the Presence fills you with a certain joy.

A Promise | pg 149

You have the capacity to develop your spirituality and help your soul. There is no need to leave your everyday life, to abandon your responsibilities, to take off on a quest. You can pursue the search, you can do the work right now, in your present life. Much is offered within these 52 powerful principles. Do what you can and enjoy your every effort. Every effort toward Spirit, no matter how seemingly minor, is known by the Spirit Supreme and cherished. The path is yours to follow. As you awaken to life in Spirit, you’ll be uplifted to the exalting Love, the sheer Wonder, that is yours.